Who am I?

Published March 21, 2013 by Ramblings of this dyke

I thought perhaps as my first post, maybe I should introduce myself. I am a brown eyed girl, single, black, lesbian, currently studying towards an MBA and trying to get pregnant. I have been on this beautiful planet of our for 35 years. I am from a family of four, and I am a middle child. I love reading, enjoy most if not all music genres, from maskandi to rock and roll to blue. Travelling is my first love, I have travelled to a few countries in Africa and Europe. I am an avid reader. I not a huge fan of fiction, though I do enjoy Dan Brown, Ken Follet and Jonathan Franzen. I love taking walks at the beach and hiking. Athletics is my favourite sporting activity, the rest of sports, I like watching from my couch. I am very opinionated about most things, I love politics, I love science, I love history.

This blog will concentrate mostly on my TTC journey and being a black lesbian living in South Africa.

People who know me for a very long time will probably be surprised I am trying to fall pregnant. The reason being, for the longest time I didn’t want to have children. The reason being I saw how cruel the world is around me, and I thought bringing children into this world is a selfish decision. My views still have not changed, I still thinking bringing children into this world is a selfish decision. Why am I doing it, you may ask? I am doing it because I am selfish.

However, with all that said I am a fairly accomplished woman, i do think I will give my off spring a fairly good life. I have lots of love to give, I am kind, I am generous, I have a good heart, I am somewhat patient. Another reason I didn’t want to have children was because I didn’t feel qualified to do it alone. The other few times I did want to have children, one thing I was sure about was that I didn’t want only one child. My best friend would tell you I wanted four. Being the unreasonable person that I am, I have i have now reduced that number to just 2. I still want to be able to afford to take care of my children.

I am very new at at blogging, so dont be expecting any bombastic words from me. English being not my 1st language, I like to keep it simple and straight to the point.


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